• Aletha Hip Hook portfolio
  • Athena Neck Nuckle portfolio

All-Rite Plastics manufactured Aletha’s Hip Hook & the Neck Nuckle products helping thousands of people out of pain.  These products have been featured on CBS News and over 35,000 have been sold.

Each plastic part is produced here at All-Rite Plastics. Manufactured parts go to a secondary operation using outside goods for assembly. The products are then packed in retail packing, inside a shipper box, loaded onto a pallet and labeled for a fulfillment center.

There were a million considerations: getting the angle of the tip exactly right from finding the best density and material for maximum effectiveness, designing the weighted base in the right spot to create balance, developing a pivot and the right length of handle that wouldn’t slip and could lever the tip into the iliacus on any body shape and size. The earliest prototypes were bouncy balls and pencils duct-taped together. The earliest fulfillment center was the living room, with an assembly line of four kids under 14. Fast forward to today’s Hip Hook: every one of these pieces has been designed, tested, and manufactured to last a lifetime of full body weight.