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Are you interested in joining a team of talented innovators? All-Rite Plastics is hiring! We are looking for people who are passionate about our industry and committed to working together in order to make a great product. Take a look through our openings below, and if you find a role that interests you simply reach out.

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General Labor

Loads and unloads materials, parts, or products onto or from pallets, skids, conveyors, or trucks manually or using hoist. Delivers parts or stock to designated work areas for welding, assembly, engraving, or cleaning using electric pallet mover, hoist, forklift, or overhead crane. Feeds plastic parts or stock into machines and removes parts from machine after prescribed period of time or at end of production cycle. Adds coolant to reservoirs of machines and lubricates machine parts and ways, using grease gun, compressed air. and oil can. Removes plastic chips and shavings from surfaces of machines, using rag or compressed air, and wipes surfaces of machines with rag to remove excess oil. Cleans around work areas as necessary to include floors and surfaces. Removes flashing or excess plastic from machined parts, using razors, cloth as necessary. Communicates with co-workers and supervisor to receive instructions and coordinate activities. Inspects and measures parts to maintain statistical process control charts.


Assembles manufactured and imported components for final production products.Assembles retail boxes as necessary. Inspects and cleans items for final retail packaging, packs products in retail boxes, and larger shipping boxes.

Mold Setter

Sets up and adjusts automatic compression, injection, or transfer machines used to mold plastic materials to specified shapes, following blueprints, and utilizing knowledge of machine functions. Reads specifications to determine machine setup and prescribed temperature and time settings. Positions, aligns, and secures assembled mold or mold components, and machine accessories, onto machine press bed, according to guide marks, using hoist, power tools, and hand tools. Attaches connecting lines, such as air, oil, or water to mold, and adjusts controls to regulate mold temperature. Sets machine controls and turns dials to regulate specified machine forming pressure and plastic curing time in mold. Starts machine to produce sample products. Measures and visually inspects sample product for surface and dimensional defects, using a microscope, micrometer, and gauges, and adjusts machine setup to eliminate defects. Repairs and maintains machines and auxiliary equipment, using hand tools and power tools. Communicates with co-workers and supervisor to receive instructions and coordinate activities.


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